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After working a long career in IT in the Corporate and government worlds I am finally at home in Real Estate. While I have been licensed as a real estate agent since 2009 much of that start was as a referral agent since I worked on and off in IT with contract consulting until late 2019. My interest in real estate goes back to my childhood. Now that IT is done, I am fully engaged in real estate and loving it! My business is part Realtor part Investor. The Realtor side of my business is the typical agent role acting as a seller or buyer’s agent. At times those clients will certainly be investors so there is also a blended area in my work. On the investing side of my business I am hoping to help people find investment properties independently or form partnerships for flips or buy and holds. My interests are the entire real estate world with a focus on residential for now. I am interested in wholesaling, flipping, and buy and hold. Ultimately my goal is to have an inventory of rental properties with enough passive income to retire – If I want to!

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